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CarPartsDepot, Front Bumper Facial Cover Primered Black Plastic, 352-20131-10-PM HO1000172 04711S01A00ZZ

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  • If you are looking to find a used 1998 Honda Civic Bumper Cover, Front, we can to used auto parts suppliers and salvage yards. However, submitting a used 98 Honda Civic Bumper Cover, Front request doesn't guarantee finding one with the quality, condition, warranty, price and delivery you are willing to accept. In most cases our OEM replacement or aftermarket Honda Civic Bumper Cover, Front is cheaper than a used one and doesn't require any repair time. Please visit our section to learn about recalls, defects, consumer complaints and suggested repairs regarding your 98 Honda Civic vehicle.

    The replacement for your 1998 Honda Civic front bumper is designed to match OEM quality and fit. Product has been impact tested and offers a one-year manufacturer warranty. Bumper comes in primered, black, ready-to-paint condition. Choose to get it painted using your car's VIN number and save the hassle of taking the auto part to a local paint and body shop. Our paint is made of superior quality made to last the lifetime of your car.

    For additional information about our painting services, see our page, where you can also view our gallery of pre-painted bumpers, fenders, hoods, and side-view mirrors.

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