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    A 2005 Dodge Neon headlight assembly takes just a few minutes to replace, if you are familiar with working around a car. These instructions are very similar across the Neon line, with a few minor alterations for years outside the 2003 to 2005 range. To properly access the headlight assemblies, you need to open the hood and remove the screws from across the top of the grill, and pull the gasket from around the old headlight off. Removing the screws on the grill makes it easier to pull the front of the car out to get enough clearance to pull out the old light and insert the new one. The parking light plugs into the back of the old assembly. Just pull this out and leave it hanging by the connecting wire. Unplug the electrical wire that goes to the headlight bulb. Now the old assembly is free for removal. Take it out and set it aside. Plug in the new assembly's bulb and insert the parking light. Carefully maneuver the headlight into the space, and put the gasket around it. After you've replaced the bolts in the top of the grill you're done. There may be some minor adjustments to this procedure, depending on your Neon's model year and trim level.

  • If you would prefer to have a professional install your new headlight bulb or assembly. It will cost more than if you did it yourself. The price for one 2005 Dodge Neon headlight bulb to be installed by a mechanic may cost you $45 to $64, depending on who you have do the installation. If you need two bulbs replaced, as is typically recommended, this price estimate could double. Some mechanics charge less for each hour they work on your car. You can save a lot by buying the bulb and replacing it yourself.

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