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1992 Toyota Previa LE All-Trac 3dr Minivan AWD

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  • Vehicle: 1992 Toyota Previa Probably the most reliable vehicle ever made by Toyota. Had this car for 8+ years never a problem or complaint just routine maintenance. 170,000 miles and going strong.

    Vehicle: 1992 Toyota Previa Bought this Previa new 19 years ago. We have a second home at 9500' in Colorado and loaded it many times for the trip to the mountains. Great mileage, grate vehicle. I have taken it in to trade 3 times and the dealers don't know what they are missing. My family will park it over my grave and plant flowers in it. My son is expecting our 1st grand child and he wants it. He lives in Ft. Collins and it will make a great Colorado car. Only has 180,000 miles.

  • Vehicle: 1992 Toyota Previa This is a fantastic van. My family bought the car used in 1995, and I inherited it as my first car after high school. It took us cross-country 3 times and up and down both coasts. Unfortunately, it just blew a head gasket at over 300,000 miles. I don't have the money to rebuild the engine, so this Previa's days are done. :-(The Previa always had some electrical problems with the interior lights and the moonroof, but those were minor. Other then a repair bill of 3,000 in 2003 I believe, it's been low-maintenance. Truly a spectacular car.

    Vehicle: 1992 Toyota Previa An amazing Minivan. At over 310K, we have had only one major fix. Around 180K we had to replace the front driveshaft for a little more than $2,000. Everything else has been wear and tear: brakes, lights, lights in dash, turn signal, springs in door locks, radio, bearings in sliding door, gas shocks on the back hatch, recharging the A/C. We have gone on numerous long, long trips. It's always reliable and safe. Great visibility, drives like a nimble car and the all wheel drive has taken 6-7 skiing many times. When the ice and snow hits, we always make it to work. I bought it used after reading a Consumer Reports eval on used vans. The Previa was rated number 1. I can vouch for that now.

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    • 1992 Toyota Previa AWD  To:07-00-91  TCR2 
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    • 1992 Toyota Previa AWD  Fr:08-00-91  TCR2 
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    My 1992 Toyota Previa stalls and shuts off when I come to a stop. It hesitates when changing gears and sounds like it is choking. I have given it new wires, new plugs, & new distributor cap. Will a new fuel filter stop this annoying problem?

92 Toyota previa le the blower does not work at all

Vehicle: 1992 Toyota Previa Bought this from 1st owner in 2003 with 125K miles on it. Previous owner had a 10 year/100K mile warranty on it, took it in for every hiccup, kept meticulous records on it. I instantly fell in love with it. I didn't know that it typically needs a new front differential (I have an LE AllTrac) at 130K miles. That was $2400 at the dealer to repair. Oh well, my only repair so far. This van has taken 24k miles per year with next to no problems, except brakes. They seem to wear out fast. I get fantastic gas mileage. My kids can beat it up & I don't worry. This is the true workhorse van, SUV, truck combined, and I will never part with it. I want to be buried in my Previa. LOVE YOU BABY!