What is an auto braking system?

In addition to the direct measurement of sensor data, some automatic braking systems can also make use of GPS data.

Roadmaster 9100 Brakemaster Towed Car Braking System

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  • The Subaru Outback tested the best. At 25 mph - with a foot off the brake and danger ahead - there was a warning and then a reduction in speed. The auto braking system actually stopped the car before the collision.

    Before learning about the different types of brakes that make up modern braking systems and the different systems that an automobile can have, its helpful to know some of the parts that comprise a typical automotive braking system.

  • That's why the National Transportation Safety Board is urging regulators to make automatic braking systems a standard feature on all new cars.

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested cars equipped with collision warning and automatic braking systems. It gave a "superior" rating to cars that both warned the driver of a potential collision and applied the automatic brakes to significantly slow the cars.

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  • "Safety should be a basic feature rather than an option we have to purchase and that only the wealthier buyers can afford," said NTSB chairman Christopher Hart. Many crashes could be avoided or mitigated had automatic braking systems been in place, he said.

Types of Automotive Braking Systems

Automatic braking systems like Volvo's low-speed system are the least expensive for automakers to install, but most companies have moved to high-speed systems or avoided installing them at all. With the 2011 model year, Volvo added full, high-speed automatic braking for five models, including its three sedans and three SUVs.