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  • Fuel tank is a storage tank for fuel and a safe container for flammable fluids. In the past, steel fuel tank has been the mainstay for automotive fuel tanks, whereas in the recent scenario, plastic fuel tanks are mostly used by automobile industry. The main factors behind the drop in the steel fuel tanks are permeability, weight, packaging, safety, and cost associated with it. Around 95% of fuel tanks in Europe, 85% in U.S. and 40% in Asia are made of plastic. Some of the major factors contributing to the increasing use of plastic fuel tanks are its resistance to corrosion, light weight and ease of molding into unusual shapes.

    Most automotive fuel tanks have slosh baffles or surge plates to prevent gas from splashing around on the inside of the tank they also helps slow down the movement of it. Another advantage of these baffles is they can help funnel fuel to the pump when the tank is low and prevent the fuel pump from sucking dry.

  • On the basis of type automotive fuel tanks market is divided in two broad categories: plastic fuel tank and steel fuel tank. Based on the technology automotive fuel tanks market is divided in three broad segments: Multilayer technology, barrier technology and others.

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    - Automotive fuel tanks
    - Small-engine gas tanks(lawn mowers, chainsaws, ATVs)
    - jerry cans, marine tanks

    HDPE/tie/EVAL™/tie/regrind/HDPE+ masterbatch

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    North America is the largest market for automotive fuel tanks, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. APAC region is expected to be the fastest growing market in terms of sheer volume. China and India hold the key for future market trends in automotive fuel tanks market owing to large population, increase in living standards due to higher disposable income and high growth rate of automotive industry in these regions. Germany, France and Italy are hub for some of the major automobile manufacturers in Europe where as the U.S. is the largest market in North America.

Modern fuel tanks are designed to be reliably safe and free of leaks

Blow molding technology for automotive fuel tanks is the most commonly used fabrication method. However, automotive fuel tanks can also be thermoformed from multilayer sheet. One benefit to thermoforming automotive fuel tanks is that the tank can be molded with fuel lines and pumps on the inside, allowing for fewer connection points to the tank and simpler fabrication.