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Only two of the Quintata band are singing in this song Back to Black a cover response video for Hilde! (Dedorru sings backup)

12-Pack Premium Plastic Tablecloth 84in. Round Table Cover - Black

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  • "My husband is a CSI for a local police department. He has never been able to sleep well in the afternoon. We have tried all types of curtains and covers to block out the sun and have always been disappointed. The Blackout EZ covers are amazing! They block out 100% percent of the sunlight. It is easy to install and remove when not in use. My husband has been sleeping so much better now that we have this great product. The customer service was also Great!"

    - Deanna-NC

    The Blackout Window Cover is the only window treatment that completely darkens the room.
    It's exclusive VelcroTM Fastening System seals tight around the window frame, without the gaps you have with blackout curtains , liners, shades and blinds.

  • The Blackout Window Cover installs in minutes.
    The Blackout EZTM has printed cutting lines that guides you to a perfect fit. Unlike black out curtains, liners, blinds and shades, the Blackout EZTM requires no measuring, tools, sewing, screws, hooks and no rods.

    The Blackout Window Cover is easy to use and care for.
    Simply place the blackout EZ over the window and press around the edges to seal. The Blackout EZTM folds neatly away when not in use. The special fabric wipes clean with a damp cloth unlike other black out window treatments that require washing and dry cleaning.

  • Well, of course I have to be the lone wolf to talk about Prince, and I think I mentioned this week, but the Black Album cover was no real statement other than to fuck WB over for releasing an album Prince didn't want released to begin with. This really is nothing more than demos that leaked, with the only finished piece being "When 2 R In Love" that ended up on Lovesexy.

    Prince had a cover design for this album, but because he was infiltrated and the tapes made it out into the public without his consent, he adamantly blackened the original cover. I know he was infuriated this material ever escaped. WB released this as The Black Album during their feud when he became the androgyny symbol and wrote "Slave" on his face. I believe WB put it out the recoup some losses when nobody cared about Prince.

    He might as well have called this album Controversy 2

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If your venue is based outside of these areas we can send the black chair covers to you with a reliable courier a few days before and pick up a few days after your event. This is also a great option if you are looking to save some money. Sometimes the venue can set-up the covers for you or a member of your family or friends are often willing to help.