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SMART-O R4 Oil Drain Plug M12x1.5mm - Engine oil Pan Protection Plug with Anti-leak & Anti-vibration function - Install Faster, Re-usable and Eco-friendly

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  • bmw cars are well-known for its performance and the quality. If all the components in your bmw works perfectly, you can enjoy a comfortable driving. In your vehicle, bmw engine oil pan gasket set is a contributing part which needs to be maintained perfectly. If you find any difference in the working of the bmw engine oil pan gasket set you need to get the good quality replacement part. You should maintain your vehicle in a perfect working condition to have a smooth drive. Nothing can be done if, the bmw engine oil pan gasket set does not work during the drive. You can avoid this problem by having a regular check on the working of the bmw engine oil pan gasket set. When you find any defect in the functioning of the bmw engine oil pan gasket set, you need to replace it as early as possible to get the best out of it.

    The factory BMW oil pan doesn't do a very good job of keeping oil accumulated around the oil pick up tube in high g-force situations. This oil pan baffle design incorporates dual trap doors to keep oil around the pickup tube and minimizes sloshing of the oil inside the oil pan.


    bmw Engine Oil Pan Gasket Set
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