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  • Having a hard pedal is usually caused by a loss of vacuum to the booster. With the brake repair diagram, you will be able to locate the booster and find where the vacuum line supplying it is located. Once you have done this, you can check the line for cuts or obstructions.

    When your parking brake isn’t holding, it’s putting too much stress on certain parts in the transmission when the vehicle is parked, especially when it’s parked on a hill. This can cause premature failure of the transmission and in certain drastic instances, catastrophic failure of the transmission. This can cause the car to roll when the transmission is in park and the vehicle is parked on a hill, even a slight one. Your brake repair diagram will usually show you where you can adjust the tension on the emergency or parking brake so that it will hold better. It is important to remember to make adjustments incrementally and check it between adjustments. Drive the car and make sure that it will still coast a little way when you get going and lift off the accelerator. Also check to make sure that it doesn’t feel as if the brakes are dragging.

  • If this is the first time that you have attempted a brake repair, then having a brake diagram will help you trace out some common brake problems. Most brake diagrams contain the following information:

    With a good brake repair diagram you can save yourself quite a bit of money on some very common brake repairs, which don’t take very long to accomplish or require any special training.

    Brake System Diagram

  • terry 18-May-2013 16:30
    need a photo of the rear brake shoe diagram for a 2000 chevy 3500 dually

    A brake repair diagram acts as a repair guide for brakes, providing a clear picture of every individual part of the brake system. It gives you information on how to repair your brakes, should they fail. It lists the tools necessary for the repair of brakes; they are a screw-jack, a lug wrench, C-clamp, open or adjustable wrench, Allen keys, hammer and a small bungee cord. The procedure starts with removing the lugs of the wheel with the lug wrench, then removing the wheel off the axle.

Understanding the Brake System with a Brake Repair Diagram

I need to know if anyone has the brake diagram for a 1990 Ford Ranger regular cab. The wheel basically fell off on me yesterday as I was driving down a road. I found that it was the bearings but the clips that hold the brake system together is unclear to me. I don't know where two of them go.
Please reply if you can email me the diagram.

Thank you,