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2016 Buick Grand National & GNX Reviews

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  • The rear wheel drive innovator program is only possible because of new innovations made to the Grand National engine. The 2015 Buick Grand National will be available in two engine models. A 2.0L, 4 cylinder option generating 272 hp, and a 3.6L VG, which provides 321 hp. There is also a specially designed version which will be a V6 3.6L engine, making a maximum horsepower of over 400. These new engines are designed in such a way as to operate so efficiently that they work as if they are the higher capacity cylinder engine. For example, the V4 is so efficient that it works as if it were a V6. The power of these engines is quite amazing. The turbo charged engines allow for 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds.

    The interior of the 2015 Buick Grand National is a luxurious look that gives maximum comfort and style to the vehicle. It has impressive HD displays for drivers that give great drivers optimal amounts of information. The seats are constructed with built-in warmers and coolers, and have amazingly comfortable and supportive leather seats. They are the perfect ride for both the driver and passengers. The shocks and suspension of the vehicle are built to provide one of the smoothest rides that a person can imagine. The maneuverability is awesome, and the driver has great control over the vehicle. It is a vehicle that really is enjoyable to drive. The handle and feel of the vehicle is amazing to drive. The price of the 2015 Buick Grand National has not been provided by Buick yet, but it should be out soon. You can be sure that the price will be well worth it.

  • 2016 Grand National will share the platform with other models which means that its architecture and mechanic will be affected by the platform. We expect to see a different design through its styles, its head lights and bumper or its chassis. At least the car has its character. The changes you could see in this car are the new alloy wheels, head lights, spoilers and air intakes. Speaking about the cabin of 2016 Buick Grand National, at this time there is a big demand for sophisticated car which is featured by high quality materials built in advance and some interesting gadgets. Inside, you could get a lot of comfort because the car will offer Sirius XM Satellite radio, Sirius Travellink option and Bluetooth. For the safety system, there are ABS, system stability and airbags. Of course, the car has more improvements compared to its previous model. Comfortable seat will support its luxurious design in 2016 Buick.

    This 1987 Buick Grand National is being offered by the original owner and is claimed to have only covered 5k miles since new! This car is in amazing original condition and although a few upgrades have been made, all the original parts are included. The Grand National was built to celebrate Buick’s wins in the NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National Series. It may not have followed the traditional muscle car formula, but Buick did their best when they built the Grand National. It was still rear wheel drive, but power was provided by a turbocharged V6! So, if you are in the market for one of these, this may be the one to get. Find it out of Roselle, Illinois.

    FOR SALE 1987 Buick GRAND NATIONAL $16,500

  • 1987 Buick Grand National w/ T-Tops $17,500

    Under the hood, the car should be available with different engine options. For the new one is twin turbo V6 LF3 3.6 liter to get the output for up to 400 horsepower. The second option is aspirated engine 3.6 liter through V6 FLX to get up to 300 horsepower. The last one is turbocharged L4 LTG engine 2.0 liter to get for at least 250 horsepower. It is also said that 2016 Buick Grand National will use new rear-wheel drive which is called Alpha based on its platform.

1987 Buick Grand National Buick

It's been many a year since an actual printed "program" has been produced for the annual mecca of all Buick events of the year, the Buick GS Nationals (held in Bowling Green KY at the Beech Bend Racew ...