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  • Car service center "ZNZ" Garage performs repair and diagnostics of car heating system, and experienced specialists know how to prevent breakage of the heating system. Car heating system in many cases is very important, and it is important that it has always been effective. When it is cold we use this system for heating the cabin of the car (even considering the weather conditions in the U.A.E.), and when it is hot, the system is used for ventilation.

    Not all car owners check the condition of the car heating system, but only modern diagnostics can help to find faulty of heating system at an early stage, which guarantees the quality repair of heating systems.

  • This invention relates to a tank-car heating system. More particularly, it relates to a heating system for tank cars used to transport uid materials, such as molten pitch.

    TANK- CAR HEAT ING SYSTEM l@ .1- Ll uws/mvo@ /o EPH s. G/ A ay Mlm Attorney United States Patent O 3,389,697 TANK-CAR HEATING SYSTEM Joseph S. Giunta, Turtle Creek Borough, Pa., assignor to United States Steel Corporation, a corporation of Delaware Filed Dec. 14, 1966, Ser. No. 601,788 1 Claim. (Cl. 126-3435) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A novel tank-car heating system keeps pitch or the like molten during transit. Heated liquid is circulated through a tank, a heater and a coil in the car by a motordriven pump. A burner in the liquid heater is supplied with fuel by a pump and combustion air by a blower. A motor drives pump and blower through a common shaft. The heating-system units are mounted on top of the car, whereas a fuel tank and an engine-generator set are mounted below on the car frame in order that engine vibration will not affect heater operation and the controls.

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