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OE Replacement Chevrolet Cavalier Hood Panel Assembly (Partslink Number GM1230302)

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  • Cavaliere range hoods feature flawless stainless steel construction, crafted with innovative technology. An industry leader, Cavaliere hoods are designed with your kitchen's aesthetics in mind in order to make your space easy-to-use while looking sleek. Shop our full line with a wide array of CFMs and noise levels available.

    Cavaliere hoods are meticulously designed and manufactured in high quality brushed stainless steel 19" gauge for stylish kitchens and workplaces. Manufactured by Atlas International, Cavaliere® has been one of the leaders in the range hood industry since 2005.

  • Cavaliere range hoods are designed to remove smoke, cooking vapors, and odors from the cook top area. For best results, it is advisable to start the range hood before cooking and allow it to operate several minutes after the cooking is completed to clear all smoke and odors from the kitchen.

    Cavaliere produces a variety of hoods for use in kitchens, including wall-mounted, island and under-cabinet range hoods, plus parts and accessories. Range hoods are designed to pull food odors and smoke up and expel it outside, instead of allowing the smoke and smells to remain in the kitchen. Available in a number of sizes and finishes, Cavaliere hoods should function well once installed with basic care and maintenance. However, if problems arise, troubleshooting may be useful for users hoping to solve the problem without professional assistance.

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    The motor used in Cavaliere range hoods is ultra-quiet and capable of moving up to 1000 cubic feet of air per minute. The noise levels produced by the blower range from 46 dB to 70 dB; this can be compared to a noise ranging from a quiet conversation (40 dB) to a normal conversation (65 dB). The range hoods are equipped with an 8” round duct vent.

Cavaliere SV218F Wall Mounted Range Hood - Cavaliere Hoods

The majority of Cavaliere range hoods are equipped with built-in lighting to illuminate the kitchen space. Fans and lights feature a variety of mounting options and come in various widths and duct sizes. These range hoods add a bold statement to the interior of the kitchen as they are sophisticated and sleek.