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The Basics Behind Computerized Wheel Balancing Services at Samaritan Tire

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  • The Car Salon, Tirecraft provides the leading computerized wheel balancing services to Calgary, AB. You’re cruising along on smooth highway when you begin to notice some slight shimmying in the steering wheel. As you increase from 70 to 100 kilometers per hour, the shimmying only gets worse and now your car or truck is pulling a little to the left. Steering wheel vibrations that grow worse as your speed increases is a sure sign that your car or truck’s wheels are out of balance. Stop in for a computerized wheel balancing service at your earliest convenience to keep your car or truck’s tires balanced.

    At our facility in Calgary, AB. A computerized wheel balancing service will return the balance of your car or truck’s wheels to factory specifications. Our computerized wheel-balancing machine will locate static and dynamic imbalances in your car or truck’s wheels. The machine recreates the driving experience through centrifugal force to locate the heavy spots in your tires. Our auto professionals will then put the precise amount of weight in the locations indicated by our computerized wheel-balancing machine. Once the weights are installed inside the tires, our auto professionals use our computerized wheel balancing technology to ensure proper balance with your vehicle’s tires. The greatest advantage computerized wheel-balancing technology offers is accuracy in diagnosing balancing issues in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • It’s true that all tires have heavy spots, but these spots can get worse through wear and should be corrected immediately when they interfere with the ride of your car or truck. Since our facility services all out-of-balance issues in Calgary, AB. there should be no excuse for not stopping in for an inspection. Staying on top of computerized wheel balancing issues will save you money in the long run. Visit us today for our computerized wheel balancing service so you can continue to get the most out of your tires, and fuel mileage.

    Corghi Model 601 Computerized Digital Wheel Tire BalancerThe Corghi 601 is a full functioned computerized digital wheel balancer for light duty applications. Easy to read digital display with LED mode ...

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  • Computerized Wheel Balancer CB-3550, 10"-28" ,$1699

    Computerized Wheel Balancer CBL-3560A, 10"-28" ,$2299

    Full-automatic Wheel Balancer CBL-3890, 10"-28" , $2899

    Consider our computerized wheel balancers if you are thinking about purchasing a tire machine. Because the full impact of truly accurate wheel balance work on vehicle performance and customer satisfaction should never be overstated. As a tire balancer, our computerized balancers can dependably assure accurate results to within hundredths of an ounce. Besides being extremely accurate, they offer reliable vibration free results, and built with durable toughness that continues to produce perfectly balanced wheels every single day. Choose from Ranger, Corghi and Workhorse computer spin balancing machines.

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The Corghi @601 Computerized Digital Wheel Balancer includes a processing unit with a 16-bit microprocessor and digital display with LED indicators. With a maximum wheel diameter of 840 mm and maximum wheel widith of 450 mm, the 601 balances wheels at a speed of 245 rpm in 9 seconds. This balancer includes a pliers to fix counterweights, a threaded hub, 100g weight for self-calibration and a wheel guard. Balance modes available: standard, static, 5 Alu programs and OPT program.