Understanding your dashboard gauges

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  • Do you know how much research went into determining that idiot lights and gauges that look just like those in our cars are the best way to display information on a dashboard for monitoring your organization’s performance? The answer is zilch; none whatsoever. Back in the beginning when we started calling computer-based monitoring displays dashboards, someone had the bright idea of making display widgets that looked like those in cars. This is an example of taking a metaphor too literally. In the early days of cars, some of them included holders for horse whips, even though they were no longer needed. This seems absurd to us now, but it’s no more absurd than assuming that information displays for monitoring the performance of your business should look like gauges on a car. The part of the “dashboard” metaphor that works is the similarity in function between car dashboard gauges, which we use to monitor information about the car and our driving, and monitoring dashboards, which we use to monitor information about the organization’s performance. It is meaningless and downright absurd to stretch the metaphor any further.

    Most dashboard gauges are designed to look just like speedometers, fuel gauges, temperature gauges, etc., down to the annoying glare of light on glass.

  • Flat Dashboard Gauges for PowerPoint is a presentation template containing a creative speedometer design with flat styles and colors. You can use this speedometer illustration to decorate your PowerPoint dashboards and presentations using flat gauges.

    The gauge has 3 main elements: measurement, target value, and the display rules. This gauge measures customer satisfaction where score of 1 to 5 is possible. The target is 4.25. The display rules control the section numbers and their color. The color gives you a clue – the pink is poor, yellow is getting by, and blue is within range. Here’s how a dashboard gauge works in SAS Visual Analytics.

    Dashboard Gauges Are Still a Terrible Idea!

  • Dashboard gauges were once the darling of the executive suite. Some designer took inspiration from a car dashboard and its gauges. A gauge is useful because it tells us how fast we are going or how much gas is in the tank. My newer model dashboard still has gauges but it also states how many miles until empty. That information is more useful than knowing how much gas is in the tank. It saves me the mental calculation because I understand miles and where I am going.

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Skeuomorphs aren’t all bad. There are times when they can be used, as N. Katherine Hayles explains, as “threshold devices, smoothing the transition between one conceptual constellation and another.” You might argue that by making dashboard gauges look like those on cars, we’re making it easy for people to use performance monitoring displays. It is certainly true that experience driving a car has already taught you how to read them. That would be a good argument if it took days or even hours to learn how to read more informative forms of display, but this is hardly the case. For example, a , which was specifically designed for performance monitoring dashboards takes approximately one minute to learn how to read. One minute of learning is a small price to pay for a lifetime of better information more efficiently acquired.