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Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant, 8 oz.

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  • No matter what model your Classic Ford is, it may be time to replace your Classic Ford disc or drum brakes. If you hear squeaks or other noises, it is most likely a sign of worn brake pads. Dearborn Classics is the place to be for replacement disc brake pads that will get your car performing the way you want. We are the only vendor that can combine brake expertise with an enormous selection of all the disc brake parts you might need, and aid your in all your drum brake conversion needs. The braking system in a Classic Ford is delicate, and we recognize just how important it is to get the Classic Ford replacement disc brakes with the right level of friction to bring your Ford to a stop. Mismatching brake pads and a set of rotors can cause your Classic Ford brake performance to be less than optimal. Annoying noises and the smell of burning rubber are just a couple of indications that it is time to look for new disc brakes. And outfitting your Classic Ford with a new set of brakes can be done efficiently and inexpensively through Dearborn Classics . From Classic Ford disc brake pads to the disc brake calipers or rotors, we have every part of the disc brakes designed to ensure your safety on the road. The only thing better than driving fast in a Classic Ford is driving fast with the peace of mind that comes with a set of Dearborn Classics disc brakes.

    CSRP has been manufacturing disc brake conversion and replacement parts since 2004. CSRP specializes in disc brake conversion parts and kits for Classic Mustang and other Falcon chassis based Ford automobiles from the early 60's to late 70's. We are committed to providing quality and high value kits with standard premium content and excellent performance. All CRSP kits are equipped with premium slotted rotors, adjustable push rods, master cylinders with correct residual pressure valves, metal master cylinder bench bleeding kits, a convenient mounting bracket for the adjustable proportioning valve, corrosion protected calipers and caliper brackets, correct grade and configuration attachment hardware, correct rotor dust/slash shields, and in most applications, braided stainless steel brake hoses.

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