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  • In 1928 Ford sold the airmail routes to who also was operating his own airline with Stout-Ford built aircraft. The last official flight was in 1932.

    Like Ford cars and tractors, these Ford aircraft were well-designed, relatively inexpensive, and reliable (for the era).[] The combination of a metal structure and simple systems led to their reputation for ruggedness. Rudimentary service could be accomplished "in the field" with ground crews able to work on engines using scaffolding and platforms. To fly into otherwise-inaccessible sites, the Ford Trimotor could be fitted with skis or floats.

  • Ford Air Transport Service started with aircraft in 1925. Henry and Edsel Ford had an investment in Stout Engineering that became the later that year in August. The first 2-AT was built at the Stout factory in and called the "Maiden Detroit". The other aircraft in the fleet were also 2-AT's, named "Maiden Dearbon I, II, III and IV". Initially the aircraft were for Ford's company use.[] The airline's first scheduled commercial flights in America were begun when The "Maiden Detroit" flew 1,000 lbs. of freight between factories in Detroit and Chicago on April 14, 1925. Ford Air Transport served routes between Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. The airline logged over 1000 scheduled flights in its first year.[]

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