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  • Grand Marquis Performance Parts add horsepower to your car, making it faster from 0-60 and the quarter mile. Every modification you do to your car make the car more enjoyable to drive. Grand Marquis Performance Parts can add as little as 1hp and up to hundreds of hp depending on what type of upgrade you choose from. Some Grand Marquis Performance Parts such as chips can be installed in minutes adding horsepower and torque. Performance Pulleys are also a good horsepower upgrade to add to your list of upgrades. Turbo Timers are essential for turbo's during summer time conditions when your engine can be really hot.

    Customers can tweak the amount of under drive built in to the pulley set Mercury Grand Marquis performance parts. This is a great feature for those of you who wish to run a full-speed regular system. You gain a great deal through your power steering and air conditioning pulleys. So do not hesitate, and analyze your Mercury needs.

  • If looking for an extensive collection of the best Mercury Grand Marquis performance parts in the market, you are at the right place at CARiD. CARiD online is well known for only featuring high quality aftermarket products. The price range of these parts is also very competitive. The air intakes featured here have been designed bearing in mind that the more air the engine gets the higher the performance. They have therefore been made wider than the OE air intakes. The parts have also been fitted with a filter which helps in keeping off dirt and sludge. This ensures that they last for a long time. Top brands you’ll find here include Injen, AEM, aFe, Weapon-R and Takeda. You should explore further to the car batteries section where long lasting Grand Marquis batteries are stocked. These batteries are made of high quality materials and never fail to give a spark even in the coldest of weather. Optima® - Yellow Top Car Battery, Optima® - Red Top Car Battery, WeatherTech® - Smartcharge and Stanley® - Battery Charger are some of the items to choose from in this section.

    That's a great save over a period. There is a range of under drive pulleys from industry leaders available in the market. You could visit a store or even check online, to learn more about the Mercury Grand Marquis performance parts prior to making a final decision. There are varying under drive pulley configurations available.

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    grim, check the 4.6L discussions and the 4.6L archive. There are tons of discussions about that stuff. Performance chips and tuners, swapping to larger gears, intakes, exhausts, etc.

    I have an '00 Grand Marquis LS HPP (that HPP means Handling and Performance Package btw).

    I'd suggest dual exhaust and 3.55 gears (unless your car has them stock) as a good starting point. Check your axle code on your door pannel to see what gears your car has.
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    Check for 4.6 Mustang stuff.
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    Install a set of under drive pulleys, also known as performance pulleys to drive your vehicles accessories at a slower rate than usual. This means that the engine doesn't work as hard as you are now spinning the performance pulleys and the accessories attached to them. The under drive pulleys can free up as much as 15 horsepower. These are great Mercury Grand Marquis performance parts.

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