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  • The of station wagon is made more strong than the hatchback due to there more load bearing capacity. The rear door of the hatchback cars is generally top-hinged lift gate for cargo access and the station wagons has different types of tailgate configuration.

    Top 10 Upcoming Hatchback Cars : The Chevrolet Beat is a pretty popular model in India which comes with a compact and stylish design. The car is all set to receive a new version in form of 2017 Beat, which looks very much appealing and way much more stylish compare to the outgoing model.

  • Due to extra pillar in station wagon there cargo volume capacity is larger than the HATCHBACK CARS . Station wagons have two or three rows of seat on the other hand HATCHBACK CARS have two rows of seat.

    Both HATCHBACK CARS and station wagons have two box configuration but the difference occur in number of pillars. HATCHBACK CARS usually have three pillars A B C whereas station wagon has four pillars A B C D.

  • HATCHBACK CAR is a passenger car with a basic configuration of two boxes and A B C pillars. It has four door and a rear door that swings upward to provide access to the cargo area. These cars have two rows of seats and the rear seats can be folded to increase the cargo area. It is usually considered as city car. HATCHBACK CARS are functionally similar to station wagons (which are intended to carry large volumes), but distinguished by a (much) smaller load area.

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