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Honda 94109-14000 Oil Drain Plug Gasket Pack of 50

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  • We carry a full inventory of genuine Honda Civic Oil Pan, especially designed to maximize factory-level performance. You can limit the results to the actual Oil Pan that fits your vehicle.

    Different model years, models and engines have different oil pan and bolt requirements, but most Honda oil pans need a set of 16 bolts with individual gaskets and a single M14-1.5 or M16-1.5 drain plug. The bolts may be steel or aluminum. Most Acuras and Accords use 35-millimeter bolts.

  • The oil pan is where the excess oil collects when it's not running through the engine. Usually, this pan is located at the bottom of the engine and kept closed with a plug that you remove to release the oil during a change. Leaks of the oil pan could be caused by physical damage to the pan or a worn out gasket. A rare problem you may find is your Honda Accord oil pan plug is stripped and cannot be removed. Any of these are reasons to replace the oil pan on your Accord.

    Purchasers who acquire a Honda recognize that performance and comfort are well worth the time and energy; quality parts and accessories will keep your car going strong. Selecting a Honda, you benefit from nice looks plus their legendary durability. Honda is a long time builder of high quality and reliable vehicles which feature strong design and high resale value. Honda vehicles are trusted for their long service life, smooth handling, and innovative styling. The Honda you chose was made with care and skill; it should get new components of a similar top level of quality. An Honda Oil Pan is used as a receptacle for the car's oil. This part is bolted under a car and mounts your oil pump. World-class horsepower and road performance are dependent on high-quality parts and accessories. No matter the part, brakes and wheels to windows and controls, fixing your beloved car or truck with first class parts is the smartest move in the long run. Choosing a Honda is a smart choice, and maintaining it in excellent condition is an even better idea. Sometimes the hardest thing about maintaining an older vehicle is searching for a reliable source for outstanding parts. Shop PartsGeek any time you want the best quality automotive parts to be rewarded by our fantastic service and a great price every time.

    To find your Honda Accord Oil Pan from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. (What you see below is a previous search for a Honda Accord Oil Pan and does not include all the Oil Pans in YOUR area.)

  • Since you have to replace so many parts on your Honda Accord, installing a new oil pan is not necessarily cheap. In fact, the oil pan is the most expensive part, but due to working on an Accord, the labor is higher for this vehicle than for others. The price for a 2000 Honda Accord oil pan replacement, including all of the other parts you need, can cost you between $346 and $431. Your mechanic may charge you $130 for the parts alone, and the labor adds even more to the cost. Unless you are interested in replacing the oil pan, plug, and gasket yourself and doing your own oil change, you won't be able to save a lot on the labor unless you visit another mechanic or dealer who offers lower hourly rates. You can, however, easily save on the parts you buy.

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Ballade Sports S2000 Baffled Oil pan is constructed from a Brand New Honda oil pan and is then modified and welded to sustain additional aluminum plate baffle. This addition to the oil pan helps prevent oil starvation and loss of oil pressure. Like many aftermarket performance oil pans this features a baffle to keep oil present on high G force turns so the oil pump/pick-up always has a supply of oil. This is advantageous on the street and the race track. It is highly recommended for race engines and enthusiasts who frequently track their car and care about engine longevity. To make higher quality than our competitors, this pan features a 18 gauge thick aluminum plate baffle versus other aftermarket models who use a lot thinner material to cut cost.

Most aftermarket Honda S2000 oil pan costs $600 and above. Our oil pans are race proven and quality made in the USA. Quality tig welded.