I need Parts# 4,5,6,7,8 in the diagram above for an M20B27 (eta)

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  • I need parts for a Snowco 52-ft. x 8-in. transport auger. I think the company was called The Snow Company. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Keith Albertson Salem, IN

    i need parts for this amp , mosfet burned out, sony xm-2150 gsx does anyone know where i can buy these? im having a hard time finding them.... plz help !!!!

  • To bring ideas to life, John Huang painstakingly learned stop motion animation from scratch, with the internet his sole guide. John has the unique ability to ‘film’ his photo sequences without any aid from automated equipment, marking or software. He does it entirely from memory. But he needs a workhorse PC to bring his photos to life, together with a strong dose of After Effects. And his workhorse really takes a beating. At my workstation, I am constantly loading my PCs so parts wear out quickly. I need parts that can keep up with the demand while being able to quickly swap as I upgrade.” The MasterCase Maker 5 allows John to save time on his frequent reconfigurations, and the 1200 watts on the MasterWatt Maker 1200 is enough to cover him however hard he runs his components. He manages his CPU load by sticking with a MasterAir Maker 8 as he feels more comfortable with an air cooler. Check out his system and read his story .

    The assignment is clear: complete an oil change on my CRF250L without any assistance outside of the manual. That makes me both the coach and the judging panel. In any other scenario, that would be deemed neither sound nor ethical and yet I set out to acquire all that I need to perform. After establishing that “The Manual” is not a comprehensive tomb containing the collective knowledge of my predecessors and nowhere to be found, I settle on Google as my guide. Now I need parts. I am informed by the boyfriend that all I need can be found in our well-equipped garage. Unlike myself, he has led many a team to victory in years passed. Now, I need to gather an audience to witness my projected triumph. Once the rafters are filled, I provide the eager observers with gin, lawn chairs, and full creative freedom with their recording devices. All pieces are in place, my team has been secured, the time is nigh.

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I have some sponsors, and I’m thankful to all the sponsors and crew. You can’t do it alone. I got some help from a really good friend, Izzy Saide. He owns ISM Motorsports and is a huge part of this whole ordeal. When I need parts, he’s the go-to guy. The engine is built by Randy Quam, out of Competition Engines in Eagan.