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Beck Arnley 201-1973 Ignition Lock and Cylinder Assembly Switch

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  • We carry a full inventory of genuine Toyota Avalon Ignition Lock Assembly, especially designed to maximize factory-level performance. You can limit the results to the actual Ignition Lock Assembly that fits your vehicle.

    (3) The metal guillotine, which locks your steering wheel or some other metal part within the ignition assembly, has broken. There’s no way for you to take it apart and fix it. There’s no way for you to take the ignition cylinder out of the assembly. There’s no way to order them separately. They have to be ordered together from Volvo and mounted as described here.

  • In some rare cases, you may be lucky and have all of the above. Anyway, if you have to change the ignition assembly, it’s recommended to change the ignition switch as well. Especially the older ones with the pin prongs sticking out get oxidized and just cleaning them is not always dependable.

    The ignition lock assembly on your car is comprised of two separate parts; the lock cylinder, which - in cars manufactured after about 2000 -- uses a passkey to help prevent theft, and an electrical part called the ignition switch that passes power to devices such as wipers, electric windows, door locks and the radio. The ignition switch also sends power to the starter motor when you turn the key. The ignition lock is where you insert the key to start the car and locks the steering wheel until the key is inserted and turned to the "on" position. The steering wheel cannot be rotated without the key in the "on" position, which means a thief cannot drive off with the car just by hot-wiring it. If the ignition lock assembly -- either part -- breaks, it means that you won't be able to drive the car until it's repaired. The ignition lock itself cannot be repaired and must be replaced, usually by a mechanic with the proper tools and knowledge. If the electrical part of the assembly breaks, it is possible to replace it in most vehicles without disturbing the ignition lock. A broken ignition lock assembly can show up in a variety of ways. You may notice that it's getting harder to turn the key to start the car - almost like the key doesn't fit anymore. Sometimes the steering wheel jams after the car starts and you have trouble moving it. The problems can be intermittent as the assembly fails, which means that sometimes the car will start without a problem and other times the engine won't start or may keep running even after you turn off the key. Because a broken or failing ignition lock assembly is very annoying and will make your car unreliable, you'll probably want to take it to your mechanic for diagnosis and repair as soon as you notice the problem.

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    Repeated use of the ignition assembly may cause it to fail over time. Fortunately it is a relatively easy repair job. There are two parts that make up the ignition switch assembly; the housing and the switch portion. If the electronic switch portion on the rear of the assembly goes bad you will unfortunately need to remove the assembly to replace it. You will be working under the dash so even though it may not be necessary it is a good idea to have a flashlight handy.

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Is the ignition cylinder assembly on your 1996-1999 not up to par? Install this ignition cylinder assembly and rest easy knowing your brand new assembly will stand the test of time. This ignition switch is the electrical part that gets attached to the bottom of the ignition unit. This assembly also provides two brand new keys.