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  • Hyundai Santa Fe 2007-2009, Ignition Capacitor by Auto 7®. Is your engine difficult to start? Do you experience misfires? Is your vehicle's acceleration and fuel consumption compromised? Auto 7 has the quality parts to repair your Hyundai, KIA or GM Daewoo ignition system at great prices.

    A typical conventional CDI system is now described with reference to FIG. 1. An application specific device (ASD) 1.1 charges ignition capacitor 1.2 by supplying a rectified high DC voltage thereto, which is generated from the high voltage AC provided by supply coil 1.3. A magnetic pick-up 1.4 monitors piston position and supplies a triggering signal to the ASD 1.1 after suitable signal conditioning by a conditioning circuit 1.5. This triggering signal causes the ASD 1.1 to discharge the ignition capacitor 1.2 through the primary winding of the ignition transformer 1.6 causing an ignition spark across spark plug 1.7 with a typical ignition current profile 1.8.

  • A ROM 2.8 stores ignition profile data used by the microcontroller 2.7 to generate signals for controlling the power converter 2.4. This is done in relation to the speed/position signal received from the sensor 2.9 which is mounted on the crankshaft 2.10, after signal conditioning by the signal conditioning circuit 2.6. The power converter 2.4 charges and discharges the ignition capacitor 2.11 through the primary winding of the ignition coil 2.9 under the control of the microcontroller 2.7. The power converter 2.4 is such that ignition current is produced during both the charging and discharging of the ignition capacitor 2.11, resulting in a continuous spark of any desired duration.

    The power converter topology in accordance with the present invention that is used for generating sparks of prolonged duration is now further descried with respect to FIG. 4. The ignition circuit includes an ignition capacitor 4.1 connected in series with the primary winding of ignition coil 4.2. The other terminal of the capacitor 4.1 is connected to the mid-point of a series combination of two controllable power electronic switches, namely switches 4.3 (S+) and 4.4 (S−) realized by two IGBTs. However, it will be appreciated that MOSFETs/BJTs may also be used, for example.

  • Ignition signal 4.12 is fed to pin3 (IN) of the half bridge driver 4.7 through a low pass filter including the combination of a resistor 4.13 (Rf) and capacitor 4.14 (Cf). The use of this filter is optional. The HVG driver output of an L6384 device is in phase with the input at the IN pin, while the LVG driver output is out of phase. An alternative switching of the devices, with a small dead time (e.g., 1-4 microseconds), causes damped oscillatory ignition current charging and discharging current in the ignition capacitor and primary ignition coil winding, which results in ignition current in the spark plug connected to the secondary ignition coil winding.

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This and other objects, features, and advantages in accordance with the present invention are provided by a capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system capable of generating a continuous electrical discharge at a spark gap for a desired duration. The CDI system may include an ignition capacitor connected at one terminal thereof to a first terminal of the primary side of an ignition coil. At the other terminal, the ignition capacitor may be connected to an input terminal of a first controllable power switching means or circuit. The power switching circuit may also have an output connected to the common terminal of a high voltage DC source means or circuit which generates a stable high DC voltage. The primary side of the ignition coil also may have a second terminal connected to a common (i.e., ground) terminal.