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How Cars Work

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  • Learning how a car engine works can benefit you in numerous ways; such as providing you with the skills to perform your own routine car maintenance and the ability to repair your car in emergency situations. Learning how your car engine works can potentially save you lots of money as well, especially in terms of labor costs if an auto mechanic is required to work on your vehicle. To learn about car engines, you can use the Internet or books as resources, attend courses at a trade school or university, or work side-by-side with an experience auto mechanic or garage. Continue reading this article to learn about the many ways in which you can teach yourself about car engines.

    Last month I visited Sears Auto Center and learned . This month they invited me back to learn about engine fluids. I must admit the tires I knew a little bit more about going in but I was pretty clueless about most of these fluids in our cars. As I keep learning more about my car I am feeling more empowered to make decisions on maintenance, even without Hubby.

  • This next book pales in comparison to the three above books, but the price is dirt-cheap and the information is solid. If fixing cars is a hobby then this book is perfect for learning about check engine light diagnosis.

    Youth explore internal parts of engines, learn about engine sizes, compression ratios, seasoning their engines and safety issues. Youth also learn about occupational possibilities and about starting their own business.

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