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MAHLE Original OC 575 Oil Filter

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  • maintain oil quality by preventing contaminants in your engine. They help promote a better engine and full-use of your fuel and oil. Their stable fold architecture assures your car’s cold start ability. These filters boast a compressed relief regulator that guarantees oil delivery in conditions such as, having sticky oil caused by drops in temperature, or having an eroded filter cartridge, or when you’ve forgotten to change your oil. These filters also have a valve that stops oil from filtering out of the canister once it’s in when you switch off the engine. This valve makes sure there is enough oil when you start your engine again. Mahle Oil Filters use excellent clamping mechanisms and a custom fit that connects the pieces. This assures you that your contaminated oil will be separated from the filtered oil.

    The company has worked to create filter cartridges that are economical solutions for repairs shops. They are made of paper and environment-friendly plastic, this makes the cartridges are metal-free so they can be incinerated. This makes Mahle Oil Filters eco friendly. Instead of replacing the complete filter, only the dirty filter element has to be exchanged. It saves material and disposal costs for you. Mahle Oil Filters have a conspicuous black plastic pin with a sealing ring attached to it. Mechanics use this as a draining device when changing an oil filter cartridge. Mahle Oil Filters designers did this because it makes changing oil less messy, which gives them a great edge.

  • Porsche 944 Oil Filters keep impurities from developing in the oil system of your car or truck. An Oil Filter must undergo frequent upkeep in order to deliver continual engine efficiency. To ensure regular reliable performance from your car, maintaining a worn-out Oil Filter is a good choice. Prevent further problems by using a top-line Mahle Oil Filter in your Porsche 944. A Mahle Oil Filter will fit Porsche 944s made in '83, '84, '85, '86, '87, '88, '89, '90 and '91.

    As one of the world's leading manufacturers and original equipment filter for BMW motorcycles Mahle has always stood for quality and technology. MAHLE oil filters reliablilty to keep dirt away from the lubrication circuit and will ensure the oil qualit

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    Wix, Mann, Mahle Oil Filter, which is best?
    Which oil filter is considered the best? Should I consider another brand oil filter? If so, which one?

  • MAHLE oil filters reliably prevent contaminants from entering the lubrication system and maintain oil quality as well as the performance and efficiency of the engine. Thanks to stable pleat geometry, cold start stability is assured. Load peaks up to 20 bar are compensated due to the high pressure resistance of the housing. A pressure relief valve guarantees the oil supply under all conditions—for viscous oil encountered during cold starts or at low temperatures, for extremely contaminated filter elements, or when the replacement intervals have been exceeded. A non-return flow valve prevents the draining of the filter when the engine is switched off and ensures adequate oil supply when the engine is started. High-grade sealing materials and custom-fit connecting pieces assure reliable separation of contaminated and filtered oil.

    However, an important consideration for optimum functioning of oil filters is that filters are replaced within the maintenance intervals stipulated by the automobile manufacturers.

Mahle Oil Filter OC11 (Renault)-single

However, this is only one of the many good ideas in a MAHLE oil filter. No matter which filter type, most of the time it may contain several patented solution that makes a filter easier to fit, more effective and also more eco-friendly.