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little ways back josh wrote up the discovery of a meyers manx sr

12/17/2009 Update: This Manx SR did not meet reserve at $9100 with 14 bidders.

The Dune Buggy Phenomenon 2 (Those were the days ... series)

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  • So there you have it.
    A very very clean example of a genuine factory built Meyers Manx SR
    with a very colorful history and a top quality restoration.
    Ask around in the world of Meyers Manx collectors about this car
    they will agree with my is one of the very best of thebreed available today.

    The best part about the design is just how attractive it is to a wide varietyof people.
    Guys love it because it's sporty and cool.
    Ladies think it's cute.
    And children think it's like a gown up Hot Wheels car.

    I personally always thought that the Hot Wheels car called the "JackRabbit Special"
    that I had back when I was a kid looks a lot like the Manx SR

    What do you think?

  • 1969 Meyers Manx SR kit car. Bought used in rough condition which was with a light blue metalflake gel coat body, black gel coat rear canopy, plexiglas rear window, no side windows but with hinged wind wings (that would snag the door if not pulled in to clear), stock vertical hinged doors with original garage door type counter-springs, vinyl targa top, wide VW wheels, 95 hp Corvair engine mated to stock VW tranny, 6 lb. flywheel.

    1970 Meyers Manx SR Built for virtually no purpose other than to be seriously tiny and seriously fun, the Meyers Manx SR was built on top of a VW Bug chassis. More or less a glorified dune buggy, this one’s got a special floorpan that sits two inches lower, meaning drivers over six feet tall can get in without a craniotomy.

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    The next product of the company was the Manx SR (Street Roadster). This car was an attempt to short circuit the Manx copycats. Penned by Stewart Reed, a student fresh out of Art Center College of Design, it was intended for the street only and possessed a sleek aerodynamic shape that is still contemporary today. It was built to fit on the same shortened VW floorpan as the original Manx to keep the great handling characteristics. The car had thirteen fiberglass and many metal pieces making it much more of a challenge for the garage-type mechanic to complete. Though it was thought that there were 400 to 600 of these kits produced, it now appears more like 200 were sold by B.F. Meyers & Co. and possibly 200 more sold by the successive companies that bought the molds after the company went down.

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I always wanted a Manx SR, but like all VW kits there isn’t enough room for a six foot six inch driver. Also, be forewarned that SR doors are rather floppy. That having been said, sure wish I owned this one.