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Kerry James Marshall: Look See

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  • The most interesting bits to the ’74 Marshall Catalog are the 2050 and 2070 mixers, neither of which seem to have survived the 1970s. I cannot find a single reference to them on the web, other than in a book about Marshall.

    We think the Marshall Field catalog's mission to introduce "American ladies" to "coming European fashions in advance of the season" just about sums up this book.

  • I love how the Marshall Ward catalogue is easy to find the items I need, and how easy it is to order them. The jacket I bought took me less than a minute to order. The checkout process was so simple. I signed into my account and added a payment. I usually pay with a credit card, but I also have a flexible account. This type of account allows me to spread the payment out so I can make small monthly payments, or I can pay off the balance within 21 days and not be charged any interest. This is perfect when I'm in between paydays.

    The Marshall Ward catalogue is perfect for when I'm shopping online because I can find almost anything I need. My husband and I can both shop for clothes and accessories by product or brand under our own category. For instance, when I found an awesome Henleys jacket, I found it under the women tab under the coats & jackets subhead. Other categories include kids products, sports, home & garden, electronics, appliances, furniture, gifts & jewelry, and toys. Another reason I love the Marshall Ward catalogue is because they offer great quality items at a great price. I can find so many different brands all in one convenient place.

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