Figure 1: Rear brake caliper exposed

Brembo's supersport underslung rear caliper kit. CNC caliper.

ACDelco 18R1378 Professional Rear Disc Brake Caliper Assembly with Pads (Loaded), Remanufactured

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  • LEAD BUILDER: Toyota Motorsports Germany and Allen Vaught
    POWERTRAIN: stock FA20 boxer flat-four, TMG engine software with flatfoot shifter and auto-blip, TMG exhaust system, Torsen LSD differential with cooling system, Sachs single-disc dry clutch, Super B lightweight motorsport battery, and a TMG electronic master switch system
    BRAKES: Alcon four-piston calipers, OEM Toyota rear calipers, PFC brake pads, stainless brake lines, TMG GT86 CS-CUP brake cooling system
    SUSPENSION: Bilstein adjustable two-way struts with adjustable camber plates in the front, reinforced TRD strut brace
    WHEELS & TIRES: O.Z. Race 17-inch wheels, Pirelli DH tires
    EXTERIOR: 2017 86 front spoiler and side skirts, six-position adjustable TMG rear wing, Lexan side windows and antisplinter foil (triangular window), reinforced jacking point, and toe strap
    INTERIOR: Takata race seat, 320 mm three-spoke steering wheel, anti-slip footrest, Takata six-point harness, Lifeline electronic fire suppression system, custom welded roll cage

    It is most common to install a rear caliper brake behind the seatstays, but a baggage rack may interfere with the brake, or its cable. A brake installation ahead of the seatstays is neater!

  • When replacing the rear brake pads on the MINI Cooper and Cooper S, it is necessary to retract the piston in the caliper to make room for the new pads. The piston in the rear caliper on the MINI needs to be 'rotated' as it is retracted - which is easily accomplished with this special aftermarket tool. This tool ensures the right amount of turn as the piston gets retracted.

    One more thing on rear brakes is that on cable operated hand brake systems, it is critical to check and either lube or replace any stocking cables attached to the rear brake caliper. It is no good replacing a caliper, spending money on new pads and having a sticking cable send all this to the trash can for you, check those cables, check slider ways on calipers and ensure free operation of rear brakes at all times.

    Recessed-Mount Rear Caliper
    Uses 5 mm Allen Wrench
    Traditional Nutted Rear Caliper
    with 2 radiused washers;
    uses 10 mm wrench

  • Brembo's Racing Line-up and the Brembo Racing Calipers are the most highly regarded brake calipers available. Brembo front brake calipers, rear brake calipers, Brembo clutch (master and slave) & brake master cylinders (front and rear) and brake rotors are used by virtually all top teams in MotoGP, World Superbike, AMA Superbike and are trusted by winning riders like Valentino Rossi. When it comes to motorcycle brakes no other brand comes close to the quality and performance of Brembo.
    Brembo Monobloc Front Calipers and Brake Pads - Upgrading your calipers is the most effective way to increase braking power. Brembo Racing Calipers are the highest performing motorcycle brake caliper available for sale. All Brembo racing calipers feature billet machining and monobloc (single block of aluminum) design and have various piston sizes / configurations / designs. When choosing the proper front caliper, make sure you know the mount system for your bike (ie. radial vs. conventional) and be aware that you may need spacers to get the brake caliper to match your brake rotor size.

    Important Note: Brembo Racing Brake Calipers are designed for racing use and may require spacers to mount to your motorcycle brake system. Please contact our staff if you have any questions about the fitment / mounting of Brembo monobloc calipers for your bike.

    The Mini Cooper has the parking brake system incorporated into the rear brake caliper. This system allows you to hydraulically (via the pedal) apply rear brakes and mechanically (hand brake cable) apply the parking brake. This unique combination brake system requires the use of a special piston retracting tool when installing new rear brake pads.

Pelican Technical Article: Replacing 914 Rear Calipers

This MINI tool is specifically designed to lock into the Mini Cooper rear brake caliper piston and apply the required pressure as well as screw the piston back into the caliper housing.