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Replacement Exhaust Manifold - Headers Gaskets & Bolts

When replacing the exhaust manifold gaskets, new bolts, studs, and gaskets should be used.

Dorman 03413B Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

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  • Replace the exhaust manifold. Before you get started replacing the nuts, it's not a bad idea to apply some anti-seize lubricant to the exhaust manifold studs once the manifold is in place. Just add a dab on one side of each stud.

    How to replace a broken exhaust manifold on a Chevy Small Block 400 in a 1976 GMC Suburban 4 x 4.
    In this video we will take you through the step by step process of removing your old, broken exhaust manifold from your car or truck 's engine block, and replacing it with a new exhaust manifold. Some guys/girls may also choose to replace their exhaust manifold, with Headers for more exhaust breatheability an more horsepower. But in this application we will stick with an old iron exhaust manifold. During this process we also found it easy to replace both the Starter / Solenoid and the spark plugs... since the exhaust manifold was off.

  • In this video I'll show you how to replace a exhaust manifold / intake manifold / aka header gasket. You could also watch this video to learn how-to remove and install the header and or the intake manifold although I'll just be replacing the gasket.

    This happens to be a 2.5L Jeep YJ wrangler but many engines whether dodge, ford, chevy, or toyota, are very similar but especially the straight 6 from the Jeep wrangler TJ and the Cherokee XJ and ZJ.

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    Replace the exhaust manifold. Before you get started replacing the nuts, it's not a bad idea to apply some anti-seize lubricant to the exhaust manifold studs once the manifold is in place. Just add a dab on one side of each stud.

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    Replace LH Exhaust Manifold LX470

    I am curious if anyone has replaced the LH (Drivers side) exhaust manifold on a 2001 LX470. I have the service repair manuals but it does not even talk about the exhaust manifolds. I am not sure if I missed it in the manuals and I am looking for some guidance. Please let me know if anyone has this knowledge. Once I perform this procedure I will post it to the forum. Thanks

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    Exhaust Manifold replacement - Who has done it?

    I currently have the oil pan dropped as I am replacing the oil pan gasket and the rear main seal. I know I need to replace the exhaust manifold in the future as it is badly rusted and looks like there is a small hole in the split. So is it easier to replace the exhaust manifold while the oil pan is off? Is it doable to replace it when the oil pan is on? I'd rather not replace the manifold now if possible do to money, but if it is that much easier to do it while the pan if off, then I will.

    Models with 6-cylinder engine - The 6-cylinder portion of this tech article was performed on an M54 engine on BMW. The manifold set up is very similar to Z3 and these steps can help you replace the exhaust manifolds. Remove all four oxygen sensors from exhaust manifold. This will help you avoid accidentally damaging the sensors. Working at front of exhaust system, remove nuts that connect exhaust system to exhaust manifold (green arrows). Be careful when loosening these nuts. I like to spray studs with penetrating oil and clean the end of stud with wire brush before removing. Depending on your region, these can seize up. If they break, don't worry. You can remove the studs by hammering them out and replace with new. Support engine from below using a hydraulic floor jack with a block of wood between jack and engine. Next, working at right front of cylinder head, remove secondary air valve from engine.

:: Header :: EVO Twin Scroll Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

8) Remove all of the bolts in the heatshield and keep if you are replacing the exhaust manifold with an OEM part. The heatshield would not come out even after raising the engine so I moved it up and down so I could get to the exhaust manifold bolts.