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  • This 1/2" rubber exhaust hanger is designed to be a perfect fit with our 1/2" automotive exhaust hangers and brackets. Use this rubber insulator for securing your custom exhaust or to replace worn rubber muffler hangers from your factory exhaust.

    Most modern exhausts feature rubber exhaust hangers that support most, if not all, the weight of a car's exhaust system. Even though rubber is a rather resilient material, it does degrade over time and eventually these hangers will require replacement. The process is rather simple and requires little mechanical knowledge; in fact, depending upon the make and model of your car, you may not even need tools.

  • Follow the exhaust pipe to the muffler. You'll see at least one black rubber exhaust hanger close by. If it's broken, you'll see right away. Be sure to check for other exhaust hangers, as well.

    Locate the rubber exhaust hangers and unhook them from underneath the car, then pull them off the exhaust. If the hangers are in particularly bad shape or are tight on the exhaust, you may need to lubricate them or pry them off.

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    Rubber exhaust hangers

    I noticed the other days the one side of my exhaust was hanging lower than the other so I looked at it and noticed that the rubber hanger has dry rotted and the one side ripped. I've been looking online but can't seem to find any. Anyone know any sites? I have a picture but I'm currently on my phone so I will upload that when I get home
    2006 F-150 XLT 18x9 Fuel Hostages 275/70/18 Nitto Terra Grapplers 2" AS leveling kit Gibson dual split rear exhaust K&N cold air intake

    I have already received the mounting bracket, exhaust hanger bolts and rubber exhaust hangers. The question I have is concerning the rubber exhaust hangers and if they are the correct part.

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