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  • TAG : into the optimum crash position in his or her seat.
  • This invention relates primarily to a seat belt release mechanism, designed to provide for a quick release of all of the occupants of a vehicle, for safety purposes, to accelerate evacuation in the event of an accident.

    Essentially, this invention relates to a seat belt release mechanism that may be used, for example, upon a school bus, that attaches approximate each seat, as mounted within the bus, to allow for a quick release of its various occupants, such as students. In the event an accident occurs. Or, this device may be used upon any of a variety of vehicles, whether it be an airplane, public service bus, or even a standard automobile, that requires a quick release of its seat belts, in the event of an accident. For example, frequently, when an accident occurs, the occupants are locked into their seats by seat belts, and if a fire commences, the occupants may be burned, even to the point of death. The purpose of this invention is to provide for a quick release, to allow them to remove themselves from the dangerous situation, or to allow the emergency personnel to achieve extraction, of the occupants, in the event of an accident.

  • These are examples of prior art type of devices, available in the art, or at least published in patents, and upon which the current invention significantly improves, in providing for an automatic seat belt release mechanism, which may be employed in mass occupant vehicles, such as school buses, and the like, to provide for a quick release, allowing for prompt removal of any passengers, in the event of an accident.

    Seat belt repair is the vital safety step you must take in order to pass salvage inspection and get your car back on the road. This service includes rebuilding the entire seat belt mechanism and replacing any and all sensors & igniters.

    1 *Electrolux Autoliv miscellaneous drawings and specifications for Volvo seat belt mechanism (various dates, including 1983, 1987 and 1988). (6 pages).

  • It is, therefore, the principle object of this invention to provide for a seat belt release mechanism, that may be used in mass transit, to allow for an immediate release of the seat belts, in the event that an accident is encountered.

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FIG. 2 is a more direct perspective view of the quick release seat belt mechanism of this invention, and how it is operatively connected and associated with at least two seats;