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My rear driver's side seatbelt was stuck in the retracted position

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  • My rear driver's side seatbelt was stuck in the retracted position. I unbolted the seat belt where it attaches to the floor to give it some slack and that didn't help. I unbolted the retractor and gave it some more slack and tried lots of different orientations and various jigglings and that didn't help. It still would only take slack in but wouldn't release.

    Driver side seat belt is stuck in the retracted position. Until yesterday afternoon it worked fine. I had been driving to various stores running errands when after my fourth stop the seat belt would not extend to be secured in locked driving position. How do I access the belt mechanism to see what caused the problem and release it for further use?

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    Rear Center seat belt stuck in retracted position!

    2001 9-5 Wagon

    This weekend I folded down all the rear seats to tote some cargo and when I went to fold the seat back up I noticed some tension, the center shoulder belt will not unlock, it is stuck in the stored/retracted position, I have no idea what to do and my dealer wants to charge to even look at it.

    Please help as I need that belt working so my 1 year old son can have his car seat in the middle safe position!
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What I have done is open the cover near the seat on ..