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Lay on a Chevy Silverado dash trim kit and upgrade your dashboard's style

FLY5D2015-2016 Chevy Silverado Dash Cover Dashboard Cover Mat Dash Pad (Chevy Silverado 2015-2016, Black)

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  • Sun damage on your Silverado's dash can be a real bummer. If you're sick of looking at a worn out cover, you can cover it up with one of our stylish Chevy Silverado dash covers. Or, if your truck is still new, you can be proactive against UV damage and pick up a quality dash cover to keep your interior like new.

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  • Your Chevy is not simply dependable because of the power it has under the hood — the many instruments and devices housed within your Silverado dash also play an important role on each of your journeys. Whether you are replacing a scuffed and scratched dashboard or if you want to install a new stereo or GPS system, you can find what you need within the vast inventory on eBay. There are dash bezels and covers designed for specific Silverado body styles. You can choose a factory piece or a custom, aftermarket option. These accessories are generally held into place using clips, making the installation process fairly straightforward. When completely refurbishing the interior of your truck, you might invest in a Silverado dash kit that includes everything necessary to replace the entire dash area. If your goal is to address a few scuffs or change the look of your Silverado dash, a simpler option is to choose a Silverado dash mat to cover your existing dash. These mats are available in numerous colors, provide protection for the dashboard, and have smooth or textured finishes.

    Easy to install - Installation is simply aligning the cover on your dash and using the included Velcro™ attachments in valleys or wherever your cover needs to be secured. After a few days in the sun, your Silverado Dash Cover will lay as designed and blend into your interior.

    2008 - 2013 Silverado Dashboard Cover
    Item #: AP707

  • 2008 - 2013 Silverado Dashboard Cover
    Item #: AP707

    This Silverado dash cover is constructed using a zig-zag stitch, which allows the cover to hug the contours of the dash surface. Meticulously designed to accommodate your dashboard's complex shape, tray, sensors and airbags.

Silverado LED Dash Lights Conversion

Protect your Silverado dash from UV rays and reduce dangerous glare! Whether you’re driving across the country or just parked at the office, damaging UV rays are attacking your dashboard and drying it out. The best line of defense against the inevitable cracking, fading and blistering is the Silverado Polycarpet Dash Cover. Plus, our Chevy Truck Dash Covers help keep your cockpit cooler on warm summer days.