...slammed on the brakes to get a better look...

Quick reaction: It instantly brakes requiring the HGV driver to urgently slam on the brakes, stopping worryingly close to the car

Slam on the Brakes

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  • First, lets think about the idea of assault charges. Ask yourself what slamming on the brakes is supposed to accomplish? The easy answer is to say “to get the other car to back off.” But there is an underlying answer that is more important, it is “to scare the other driver into thinking they might rear-end the front car so that they decide to back off.” This is the important distinction. Slamming the brakes is intended to cause fear, fear of a potential accident and possible injury.

    Braking is a lost skill. With so many cars having anti-lock (), many people just slam on the brakes without making any other necessary adjustments. If you want to know how to brake and stop your car in the shortest distance while maintaining control of your vehicle, just follow these steps.

  • Americans responded to the automobile age and the network of roads snaking across the country with zeal and vigor. Route 66 is certainly one hotspot of roadside architecture, but if you stay alert (and are prepared to nimbly slam on the brakes and turn around), there is no telling what you can discover along roadways all across the country.

    The classic yellow light dilemma: Do I floor it or slam on the brakes? I’ve heard people say: “Red means stop; green means go; yellow means go faster.” That’s obviously not helpful advice, but in observing drivers at intersections, some people have readily accepted that flawed guidance. In this column I hope to bring a more balanced perspective to the yellow light discussion.


    used to stop the car moving when it is parked

    put a light on to show which direction you are going to move in

    parts of the road that are divided for cars to drive in

    penalty points for breaking the law, e.g. speeding

    hit or push with a lot of force
    slam on the brakes

    dar un frenazo
    spin off the road

    salirse de la carretera

    change direction suddenly when you are driving
    to flash

    shine a light for a short time

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    School officials in southwest Idaho say a bus driver slammed on the brakes when several kids were fighting, and a parent says her second-grade daughter suffered a concussion as a result.

What Happens When You Slam On the Brakes in a 747

The pilot program, which launches in Los Angeles and eight other cities Friday, uses a smartphone’s motion sensors and gyroscope to track drivers who speed, slam on the brakes, cut corners or text while behind the wheel.