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How to Reuse a Vehicle's Strut Parts

Prime Choice Auto Parts CST100287PR Pair of Complete Strut Assemblies

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  • In this clip, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for removing and replacing a front strut on a front-wheel drive vehicle. In this step, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for switching over our reusable strut parts. As you can see, the new strut comes naked. There is nothing on it, it is just a bare strut assembly. As you can see, our old strut, we have a bunch of parts that we're going to have to take off and switch over to our new one. This is the lower spring cushion. As you can see, its got a mark on it from where the coil spring sits. What that does is it keeps it from being a metal to metal connection. If you have a metal to metal connection between the spring and the seat for the spring, it would make noise as you go over bumps. It would squeak and crunch and make all sorts of nasty noises. If yours is too degraded to to reinstall, make sure you go to your parts store and pick one up. The next thing we have is our dust boot. As you can see my dust boot is extremely deteriorated. I'm not going to reinstall this onto my new strut, it would be pretty much pointless. This is not going to seal any of the weather or contaminants away from the sensitive area of the strut. The sensitive area is this piece right in here. Your seal is right below that and this chrome rod has to stay smooth and shiny in order to seal perfectly and keep the nitrogen charge in it along with the oil. What I am going to do is take and turn my strut over and compress it. That's going to take and force the bump stop off of the strut rod. I'll demonstrate that for you now. Just like so. As you can see, we got our dust boot off. If you your like, you can take and purchase a new dust boot. Its not going to come with the bump stop. This is your bump stop here. Your bump stop is always reusable. They never go bad. They're made of a pretty good foam rubber. Just going to take and pull this guy out here just like so. Like I said, you can take and purchase a new dust boot if you want. They are there to provide some protection to that seal. I'm going to take and install my bump stop on the top of my new strut and make sure its all the way seated past the shoulder. Once you have it all the way seated, I'm going to take and put this upper portion back on. Just like so. That's the proper service procedure for switching over your reusable parts from your old strut to your new one.

    Struts for vehicle come bare, so a vehicle's strut parts need to be reused. Learn how to reuse parts of front struts on a front-wheel drive vehicle in this free car maintenance video from an automobile repairman.

  • Need to repair your strut mounts? Learn how to remove the interior strut mount parts with expert auto maintenance tips in this free car repair video clip.

    Front Strut Assembly Parts for 2006-11 Honda Civic Coupe/HFP

    Circled in red above is what is needed to assemble front springs to front struts for both left and right sides.  Only item 5 above is different left to right on Coupe/HFP Civics.  All other parts are the same left and right, which is why they show qty=2 for them.

    Note that what is pictured above is for the 06-11 Civic Coupe and all HFP.  The stock front sedan strut is slightly different, and it requires a different lower spring isolator (Diagram #8); so make sure you get the right one. 

    The Coupe/HFP isolator is the same left and right (1 part number).  The Sedan isolators are different left and right (2 different part numbers).

    Note that the Koni STR.T (Orange) shock and the Skunk2 Sport Shock Kits both use Coupe/HFP style lower spring isolators.

    OEM Honda Strut Assembly Parts (2006-11 Honda Civic Si/HFP)

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