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Spectre Performance HPR8755 Air Filter

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  • Tahoe Performance Parts add horsepower to your car, making it faster from 0-60 and the quarter mile. Every modification you do to your car make the car more enjoyable to drive. Tahoe Performance Parts can add as little as 1hp and up to hundreds of hp depending on what type of upgrade you choose from. Some Tahoe Performance Parts such as chips can be installed in minutes adding horsepower and torque. Performance Pulleys are also a good horsepower upgrade to add to your list of upgrades. Turbo Timers are essential for turbo's during summer time conditions when your engine can be really hot.

    CARiD is an online auto store well known for availing top tier auto parts from renowned brands. Any car owner will attest to the advantages of shopping in this one stop shop. Most of the time, factory car parts don’t live to serve a car owner long as expected due to the challenges encountered on the road such as, elements, debris and other forms of damage. It wouldn’t be good to assume any damage on an auto part as this could cause damage to an underlying part. Also, driving a vehicle with a damaged part is unsightly. Avoid such small embarrassments by checking out the products stocked in CARiD online. It is in this store where quality, reliability, precision and durability matter the most. The better the quality of your performance parts, the higher the chances of enjoying a smooth ride and safety too. Some of the Chevy Tahoe performance parts in these online shelves include air intakes, exhaust systems, and tire mechanisms, suspension systems, cooling systems, brakes and rotors and performance chips.

  • The 06 Chevrolet Tahoe Performance Parts is a 4 door, up to 9 passenger sport utility, available in 4 trims, ranging from the 2WD w/1WT to the 4-WD.

    Upon introduction, the 2-WD w/1-WT is equipped with a standard 4.8-liter, V-8, 285 horsepower engine that achieves 16 mpg in the city and 20-mpg on the highway. The 4WD is equipped with a standard 5.3L , V-8, 295 horsepower engine that achieves 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway. A 4 speed auto transmission with overdrive is standard on both trims.

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    Why performance parts? Well, they give you two very important things: more power and better gas mileage. Now that is a great combination.

    We stock fuel-saver lifter kits and camshafts that will help to improve your Chevy Tahoe's gas mileage and make your engine highly responsive, even at low speeds. If you want to turn your Chevy Tahoe into a "muscle" vehicle or for off-roading, hydraulic flat-tappet camshafts are the answer.

    What about a camshaft kit? These kits are made from the highest-quality materials and will provide you with more horsepower, faster acceleration, and more torque - on the street or off-road - plus years of dependable service. Kind of hard to beat, isn't it?

    Want to increase torque and horsepower without cam changes? Use our advanced cam gears. They will provide your Chevy Tahoe with significant engine performance gains. How? By letting you precision-adjust the camshaft.

    Stop worrying about cam gear slippage. How do you do that? With adjustable cam gears. Manufactured from billet aluminum, these cam gears are balanced, they are lightweight and they provide maximum strength to help increase horsepower.

    We carry performance pushrod sets that are built to exacting tolerances. Plus they are balanced to withstand the demands of heavy spring loads and high RPMs. These sets allow your Chevy Tahoe's engine to run longer and run smoother. They do this by resisting flex, which prevents damage to other valve-train parts.

    Try our timing chain sets for constant yet accurate timing that ultimately provides faster acceleration and top-speed performance. They also help ensure quiet, smooth operation.

    We link you to specialty dealers who stock other hard-to-find parts including rocker arm assemblies, valve lifters, valve guides, and cam bearings.


  • Home of Chevy Tahoe Parts - Chevy Tahoe Performance Parts

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