Titan exhaust 102mm + Titan y-pipe and all fitting parts

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Bosal 256-054 Exhaust Gasket

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  • GTC newly developed titanium exhaust system for the GT-R is designed to be amazingly lightweight and give the best sound and performance possible. Here at GTC towers we were so unimpressed with the stock oem exhaust with its 88db, sound is such an important part of driving a sports car and the special internal design of the titanium flows the exhaust gases to give a crisper exhaust note while still remaining not too loud.

    Your big dog rig was the perfect truck for your needs, and the perfect aftermarket upgrade for it is Nissan Titan performance exhaust. Whether you need power or style, Nissan Titan exhaust accessories have you covered: greater power comes when you shop our systems, and greater style comes by choosing from the likes of exhaust tips. There's so many different ways that these parts and accessories can enhance your truck, it'd be a shame to not explore our wide selection.

  • With a buffed Nissan Titan exhaust tip, your looks will be in great shape. Getting the look you're in search of is a piece of cake, as Titan custom exhaust tips are available in many profiles. You'll hold on to some cash, for all of our Titan custom exhaust tips ship completely free.

    So if you want to boost performance and sound good while doing it take a look at the HMF Titan Series exhaust as well as other great products on our .

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    Buy with confidence when purchasing from Mark. He is a good guy and has great customer service. Just purchased the R1 Extra titan exhaust and R1 front pipe a few days ago. Just have to play the waiting game now...
    Can't wait til it comes in!

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    What do our Nissan Titan exhausts have in common with a smart phone? Absolutely nothing, aside from being loaded with more awesome features than you can shake a stick it. We’re not sure why anyone would shake a stick at features, though. Actually, we’re not sure why anyone would shake a stick at anything unless you were cornered by a bear and it was all you had access to. What we’re trying to say is that figures of speech might be weird, but our aftermarket Nissan Titan exhaust systems are awesome. We think that’s something we can all agree on!

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has been working on a new range of parts for the Nissan supercar R35 GT-R for a while now and today we can announce the first in the lineup in the form of this full titanium exhaust. The exhaust features three replacement sections, a titanium Y-pipe, titanium center and full titanium rear muffler setup.