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Flowmaster 817692 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System

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  • To complement your exhaust system, CARiD offers a range of components that are easy to install. The Toyota performance header by Gibson, for instance, is designed to make it easy for the engine to breathe and eliminates the restrictions present when a stock manifold is used. What you gain as a result is increased low to mid range power and an increase in torque. You will enjoy improved fuel economy as well, not to mention better exhaust sound. The fact that you can fully personalize the sound to what suits you makes the exhaust system doubly appealing. Toyota exhaust systems come in stainless steel, coated steel, aluminized steel and nickel chrome plated steel. All these materials are durable and provide lasting endurance, the reason why manufacturers prefer them when constructing Toyota exhaust systems.

    Toyota is a power brand, and so are custom Toyota exhaust systems. Check out the huge variety of Toyota exhausts at CARiD to find one that perfectly matches your Toyota model. With offerings from industry leading brands such as the super powerful RBP, Borla, MBRP, Gibson, Flowmaster, and Weapon-R, it’s easy to find an exhaust system that complements the power your car. The RBP cat back gas exhaust system for Toyota features a single rear passenger side exit and comes complete with a muffler, tubing and exhaust tip. It fits perfectly into the stock hangers and is very easy to install. What makes this exhaust system so special is the fact that it lowers exhaust gas temperatures, helping prolong the exhaust system’s lifespan. This it does while increasing power, torque and fuel economy for greater savings. Other commendable cat back exhaust systems include units from MagnaFlow, Gibson, Borla and MBRP.

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    13-16 Tacoma, Acc Cab, 4.0L, 2-1/2" side exit, 3" JBA S/S tip


    05-12 Tacoma, Acc Cab, 4.0L, 2-1/2" side exit, 3" JBA S/S tip


    00-03 Tacoma, Xtra Cab, 3.4L 2/4 WD, 2-1/4" side exit, 2-1/2" JBA S/S tip


    95-99 Tacoma, Xtra Cab, 3.4L, 2/4 WD, 2-1/4" side exit, 2-1/2" JBA S/S tip


    95-99 Tacoma, Xtra Cab, 2.4/2.7L, 4 WD, 2-1/4" side exit, 2-1/2" JBA S/S tip


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