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  • I'm trying to find a good online store to buy a full 2000 Toyota Tundra Exhaust System Kit including the converters and resonator. I can't find an online place that includes the entire system from converters to the pipe(s). I'm also trying to figure out if I can put in a dual rear exit system on my truck even if I currently have a single side exit system...thoughts?

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    There are a lot of good reasons to slap a sweet Toyota Tundra exhaust system onto your truck. To begin with, let’s talk about fuel efficiency. Gas isn’t cheap, and this is one accessory upgrade that can help keep your money in your wallet instead of going into the pump. Once you’ve rigged up your truck with one of these bad boys, you’re likely to see a nice boost in gas mileage. Any investment that helps save money over the long term can only be counted as a plus, especially in today’s economy.

  • Toyota Tundra Exhaust Systems

  • Toyota Tundra Exhaust Systems

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