Requirements for Vehicle Balance

Vehicle balances from rear to front : Releasing Accelerator, Cover Brake,Controlled Braking, Threshold Braking, and Trail Braking

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  • You are for sure familiar with the following situation: get your caravan ready for a long holiday and begin stowing everything you will need. Two gas canisters, a tank full of fresh water, a tent, food and clothing for the whole family as well as other things. It's also possible that you have equipped your caravan with other components, such as a 12V battery and charger or a solar panel. Are you sure that you haven't exceeded the vehicles permitted load limit? With the vehicle balance, you can get an exact answer to this question.

    It is very easy to use. Simply turn on the balance and select, using the menu key, the correct programme: motorised vehicles or tow trucks with one or two axles. The display will show two symbols representing the type of vehicle. Place the balance in front or behind the tyre of the vehicle and slowly move the vehicle until the tyre is completely on the balance. The load exerted on the tyre will be shown on the balance's display. Press the menu key and the next tyre to be measured will begin to flash on the display. By pressing only one key, the "total" load of the vehicle will be shown on the display. For the spare tyre, simply place the tyre on the balance for measuring. Overloading the spare tyre can cause significant difficulties while driving. A correct loading always creates the safest situation. is an overview of all the vehicle balances which will suit your needs.

  • Vehicle balances that moves from front to rear: Releasing brake and Covering accelerator, Light Accelerator Pressure, Progressive Accelerator Pressure, Thrust Accelerator Pressure

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