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The Westin nerf bars dress up our 2009 Ford Explorer Sport Trac quite nicely.

Westin 21-23565 Pro Traxx 4" Oval Step Bar-set of 2

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    Would really like to get a set of the Westin 3'' nerfbars for my quad cab, but I have the ...

    Westin nerf bars, bull bars and grille guards have no competition on the market today. Available in chrome, brushed stainless steel, and black powder coat finish, each comes with an application specific mounting kit. Most bull bars include an integral skid plate, while HDX grille guards feature an integral punch plate to shield against flying debris. Adding a winch is easy with Westin winch mount bull bars and grille guards.

  • The wide saddle-pad step area provides sure footing. The raised tread makes it easier for shoes to grip to the surface. It's a sturdy polymer plastic that resists UV rays, fading and cracking. The fully sealed dome ends of the nerf bars keep moisture out and deliver a nice finished look instead of having the open ends that you can get with some nerf bars. The polished stainless steel is long-lasting and rustproof and the Westin Nerf Bars do have a lifetime warranty. The top mounted saddles provide a raised tread for excellent grip and deep grooves allow water to quickly and easily drain off for a drier step surface.

    Westin Platinum Nerf Bars are the brand's top of the line series and are simpler than many other types of nerf bars, as they don't require drilling. When you first begin the installation, you will need to loosen the body mount bolts beneath the door frame. Make sure you have a dry, clean surface to work on, as you will need to lie flat on your back and partially under the vehicle in order to do this. Do not be afraid of breaking the bolt; you will need to put some elbow grease into it.

    Westin E-Series Nerf Bars

    Look good for less money! This economical line of Westin 3'' nerf bars features Westin's exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY and exact production standards.
    Westin GenX Oval Tube Steps

    GenX Oval Drop Steps feature a dropped step area to facilitate vehicle entry.
    Westin Signature Series Nerf Bars

    The world's most popular Westin step bar is available in black powdercoat or chrome finishes. These Westin nerf bars are backed by Westins 3-year WARRANTY against rust.
    Westin Platinum Series Nerf Bars

    Platinum Series step bars come in a chrome finish and carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY and require NO DRILLING.
    Westin Platinum Oval Nerf Bar

    The 4" elliptical shaped Platinum Oval Step Bar design includes a mandrel bent bar for a stylish look. Westin Nerf Bars have great warrantys!
    Westin Platinum Oval Wheel To Wheel Nerf Bars

    Platinum Oval Wheel To Wheel Step Bars are made from an eliptical shaped bar that provide a wider step surface. Available in Polished Stainless Steel or Black Powdercoat finish.
    Westin Oval Tube Nerf Bars

    A hot design gives 120% more step space than traditional step bars!

  • Westin nerf bars or step bars are made with a pretty simple philosophy--make them right, and make them last. Then, offer them at a competitive price and back them with a superior warranty. This straightforward business philosophy has made Westin Automotive the most widely chosen brand of nurf bars across the country.

    Westin Automotive product designs must first pass engineering testing, then be approved by the pickiest crew of all--our salespeople! Then they are built with strict quality control guidelines. Westin finishes even undergo scientific salt spray testing to ensure superior rust protection. Westin goes the extra mile to be the best.

    So, whether you drive on the snowy roads of Canada, the twisting roads of the high Sierras, the sweltering roads of the southern states or 4x4 without a road, Westin Automotive products will help protect your rig and will look great doing it...for a long, long time. Westin Automotive products have been manufactured in St. James, Minnesota since the late 1970's.

    Westin Nerf Bars possess a high-quality, exposed finish and must be cared for regularly using a non-abrasive automotive wax. This is the most effective way to ensure that the nerf bars have a long life. The use of cleaner waxes and other waxes that contain abrasives is not recommended, as they can scratch the finish and open the nerf bars to rust and corrosion. Westin Platinum Step Bars and E-Series step bars have lifetime warranties, so even if common preventive measures fail to keep them functional, they can be repaired or replaced at no additional expense.

Westin Nerf Bar Step Bar - Truck Candy

Made from galvanized mild steel, the Westin Signature nerf bars are 3 inch tube steps that will enhance the look of your vehicle while giving you the function you need! Being the first out the of gate, the Westin Signature 3" step bars have a recessed step pad that give you extra grip and traction when getting in and out of the cab of your pickup truck, sport utility vehicle or crossover.

Select from the classic look or chrome or go from the stylish and sleek look of powder coat black. The 3 inch tube design not only gives you an easy way to get in and out of your vehicle, but the installation is simple as well. The bolt on application is designed with no drilling required. Westin is able to do this because they custom fit each pair of nerfs to the year, make, model, and cab size of your truck!

Additional features include UV resistance, mount kit inclusion, and the recessed mounted step pads!